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“P&A PICC provides an excellent service to our hospital. P&A PICC is is quick to respond to referrals from our organization and typically a specialist is here within 1-4 hours to place the line that is ordered. P&A PICC takes pride in providing quality service as well. The staff of P&A PICC are professional and clinically expert in the field of vascular access.”

Cheryl R., R.N., MS
Executive Director, Patient Care Svc.,
Santa Clara County Hospital

“P&A PICC have very professional and experienced Nurses. They have been an asset to our hospital.”

Kim F., Director of Med Surg,
Pediatric Department, Santa Clara County Hospital

“I am Ryan N., RN. I have been working as a PICC/Special Procedure Nurse for three years at Orange County Hospital in California. Because I am the only full-time PICC Nurse it is hard for me to take a vacation. (I have to mention that I am the developer for this PICC Insertion Program. I work around the clock to make sure everything goes smoothly, from scheduling to complication management. It is my "BABY"—Three years without a good time off from work have put a lot of stress on my family and myself!) So finally, I found a solution. I found about P&A PICC Service from a friend of mine. I called and then met Gail Heckler, RN, founder of the company. I could not believe that I was so lucky to find somebody that I could trust to take good care of my "BABY". Immediately, I proposed the plan to my boss. We did some paperwork and orientation. And that was it; I was on my way with my wife and kids to the first fantastic vacation ever. P&A PICC staffs are very friendly, professional, and reliable. They provide the best PICC service that I could imagine. Knowing someone will take good care of my work, I am planning for holidays and a long vacation next year with my family. Thank you so much P&A PICC for such a wonderful service.”

Ryan N., R.N., BSN
PICC Specialist at Orange County Hospital

“P&A PICC providers are very professional—great with their patients, sites look fantastic, dressings look great."

Dan P. R.N., House Supervisour, Medical Surgical Dept., San Benito County Hospital

"Patients enjoy getting a PICC line and prefer one over getting stuck by a nurse 5 or 6 times. It's much more pleasant for the nurses and the patients to have a PICC. It decreases patient discomfort and increases their satisfaction."

Deborah B., R.N., Monterey County Hospital

"I have personally noticed more client satisfaction when thenpatients have P&A PICC place a PICC line for either their nutritional or antibiotic therapy. No more multiple IV sticks."

Marcelle N. R.N., Change Nurse, San Benito County Hospital

We have used the services of P&A PICC for the past few years and have found that working with Gail and her staff is always a pleasure. They are highly skilled, knowledgeable, personable and compassionate. Scheduling is a breeze and they are always available for questions or troubleshooting problems. They provide excellent customer service to both our nursing staff and thepatient. We are very happy to have P&A PICC on our team."

Cathy N., R.N., Director Medical Surgical Services, Interdisciplinary Practice Coordinator, Santa Cruz County Hospital.

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