P&A PICC Services
P&A PICC provides hospitals and other health care facilities with the full range of services necessary for safe and reliable venous access for the duration of the patient’s therapy. From device insertion to maintenance and management, P&A PICC’s services can be performed seven days a week.

PIV, Midline and PICC Insertion
Particular care is needed when using any vascular access device. Our highly skilled providers can assess for the appropriate device depending on the patient’s diagnosis, medical history, medications and anticipated treatment duration.

Access to Implanted Ports
Special care is needed when accessing an implanted port. P&A PICC providers will assess and/or access the port when needed. 

Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Flushing the central venous access device and performing sterile dressing changes per protocol are part of the maintenance routine in order to ensure optimal medication delivery and to minimize risk for infection.  When necessary P&A PICC providers can also repair broken or leaking PICCs, repair broken CVCs (i.e. Hickman) and declot central lines.

In an ongoing effort to develop best practices and continuously improve our services we carefully monitor and collect data that can then be used for Quality Improvement Reports or for educational purposes.

P&A PICC offers continuous education for hospital staff, as well as home care and discharge instructions for patients with in-dwelling central catheters. This also contributes to a more successful and satisfying experience for patients and staff alike. 

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